The Food Curators are always on the hunt for food with soul and coffee that kicks. We curate recipes, dining locales and city guides.

We are Melanie and Jennifer – two foodie friends with a case of wanderlust. We love sharing cool and obscure destinations, and will always save you from a bad latte experience (trust us, we’ve got your back).

Our philosophy is about food that nourishes, is made with love and makes for a happy body. We are also partial to the odd treat, because there is no fun in denying oneself. So moderation is key, but a clean and organic plate is best. We don’t do diets. We do delicious.

Along with a collection of recipes, you will find our favourite dining locales and city guides to the best of the best.

Happy curating.


  • S


    Your blog has everything I love. Subscribed!

    PS Glad you enjoyed Caravan. My office is around the corner so I get my coffee from there practically every day. Have you tried Notes in Covent Garden? It’s my other favourite coffee haunt (also wine, nibbles), definitely worth a visit.


    • Mel&Jen

      Thank you S that is so kind! We will definitely have to check it out – it’s always so great to get tips. Lucky you working near Caravan! xxx

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