Sparkling water just makes you feel good. It’s feels a little bit fancy without the naughtiness, and it’s pretty easy to tizz up a drink with some fresh fruit and know how.

We’ve actually been Sodastream fans for a while now. We love that it’s sustainable and convenient, and just plain delicious. We don’t typically endorse products unless we truly love them. We’re not into excess, free stuff or things that clutter our lives. But when Sodastream approached us to create some refreshing and bright recipes (without the sugar), we did mini backflips and calmly said yes please and thank you.

The longer you leave the fruit in the water – the longer it will infuse. Your choice to add a nip of good quality/organic vodka or gin.

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So as they used to say in the 70s… let’s get bizzy with the fizzy (actual slogan, we did not make that up).

The Food Curators Sodastream sugar-free recipes

Strawberry Spritzer

Muddle 3 strawberries in theΒ  bottom of a glass, top with soda, sprigs of thyme and blubes. Also not bad with a cheeky nip of vodka.

3 strawbs
2 sprigs thyme
Handful of blueberries

Berry and Thyme Fizzer Sodastream Recipes The Food Curators

Fruity Punch

Gather every fruit you’ve ever known. We included berries, lemon, lime and mint. Either add to a freshly fizzed Sodastream bottle, or place in a glass and top with fizz.

Β½ sliced lemon
Β½ sliced lime
4 strawberries
Handful of blueberries
Fresh mint

Rainbow Mixer The Food Curators Sodastream

The Food Curators Sodastream

Lavender Lemonade

Feel the serenity, by infusing lemon juice with soda and lavender sprigs.

Sliced lemon
Juice of one lemon
3 sprigs lavender

The Food Curators Sodastream recipes lemon and lavender


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