It’s true that my first-time gig being pregnant was an interesting one, and for every woman it seems to be different. Some of my girlfriends have said they loved it, while others have sworn off round two for life. I guess when it’s your body, you determine your own list of positive and negatives. For me, I was in complete survival mode,┬ádesperately scanning millions of blogs trying to find a cure for morning sickness, all day erryday for ten weeks. I was body-hijacked.

A picture for you:


I worked out 4-5 times a week, ate portion-controlled meals and had a balanced lifestyle of healthy and fun activity. I was in the best shape I’ve ever been in.

Finding-out-I-was-pregnant me

“I’m going to give this baby the best start to life and continue to be active and healthy. I’ll listen to my body and nourish myself with whatever it needs – how exciting!”


Check check, is this thing on? I felt like I was hit by a truck/on a boat in the middle of the sea with severe sea/travel sickness/the worst hangover of my life that NEVER goes away. Healthy food? Exercise? I was in survival mode. Somebody pass me the donuts, Chicko Rolls, McDonald’s apple pies and frozen coke. Who AM I?

I knew every bite and sip was the opposite of how I was before. It might be easy to rationalise my behaviour and tell me it was because I was starving myself of treats before, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I enjoyed my healthy life with a balance of wine and chocolate, but really loved eating nourishing food that gave me endless energy. I always despised eating processed junk food, which only gave me sugar rushes and mood swings.

I felt bad. Bad that I was eating it, bad that I was giving this kid a terrible start. But I was in survival mode and I didn’t care. I just had to get through the days… and I did. By week 17 the semi-healthy eating was back but the exercise didn’t gel with me. I still ate entire blocks of chocolate, but I felt better than I did before, the nausea had subsided and I almost felt normal.

There was light. But I went through a roller coaster of guilt before realising it was ok.

My pregnancy advice

  • + Do anything that makes you feel good. Eat anything that makes you feel good.
  • + Don’t look at pregnancy inspiration on Instagram. It might hinder more than help. Especially if you’re looking at fitspo (which is just depresso).
  • + Talk about the reality of your experiences with others.
  • + Download a pregnancy app. I used Baby Center, and it gave me accurate tips on how my body was changing, how to cope, and how the little nugget was growing. Handy AF.